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This chart shows Grexit would send gold price to $2,000

Posted by Vince Marcantonio in Daily News

Frik Els

There could be lightning bolts from Mount Olympus yet

Back in May of 2012 (when gold was trading north of $1,600 an ounce) Bloomberg reported on how a Greek exit from the Eurozone may play out based on synthesized scenarios from 21 economists, analysts and academics.


The wargaming suggested Greece may have only 46 hours – Friday’s close in the New York to Monday’s market open in New Zealand – to pull off any sort of non-chaotic departure:

“Over the two days, leaders would have to calm civil unrest while managing a potential sovereign default, planning a new currency, recapitalizing the banks, stemming the outflow of capital and seeking a way to pay bills once the bailout lifeline is cut.

“The risk is that …